Next time, I will bring tar, feathers, and my pitchfork

And I will tell you, if I need to, I will go back. And the next time, I will bring tar, feathers, and my pitchfork because apparently, these people are not listening to us still. I did not insist that the election go my way. I insist that I have faith and confidence in the results of the election.


Anthony Bouchard

Now they see a country where the Capitol has a fence around it with razor wire and troops

The only thing I know to take it back is people are going to have to run for office. People are going to have to run serious races. No more Mr. Nice Guy. We see very, very nice people, well-intentioned people run for office that generally loses against establishment candidates.


Joe Kent

I view Washington's third congressional district, my home, as critical terrain that we must hold.

The third congressional district Washington state is in a very interesting spot. It is the only red Republican district that touches the Pacific ocean. Our district is sandwiched between these activist’s leftist cities, and we are a stronghold for conservative traditional values.


Claston Bernard

The results are questionable, and rightfully so. Nothing good is actually done in the dark.

Get off your high horse and come and hit the ground with me. And I want patriots to get behind Congressional District Two. It ain't no Democrat district, I don't care how they vote. No party owns you because of your skin color. We got to get real.