"Next time, I will bring tar, feathers, and my pitchfork"

I was at the Capitol on the 6th for about seven hours in the day. Fantastic turnout, very good energy, just everybody’s friendly. Anybody that’s been to a Trump event knows that feeling of excitement and comradery. Nobody seemed to be depressed, nobody was ranting and raving about how things have been horrible and the election was stolen. They weren’t talking about that. We were there to express our first amendment rights, peacefully and patriotically, before we were asked to be peaceful and patriotic. We were there to do our job, to ask Congress to do its job. That is my right as a US citizen. I put it at a million to a million five. That means a million of us were standing there calling for Congress to do its job. You get a couple of a hundred people out of a million who exceeded their authority, exceeded the parameters.

There’s not anybody being beaten with Baton. There’s not anybody setting buildings on fire. No cars were destroyed. I didn’t see one dumpster fire. I didn’t see anybody throwing bricks. Unlike the summer block parties of Antifa and BLM, including the block party in the District of Columbia that required the president of the United States to be removed to the bunker by the secret service. And yet the media was not overly concerned by that. The mayor of the District of Columbia was denotedly upset that the national guard was present and we were told that the president was manipulating it for political advantage. By God, that’s what happened on January 6th. Congress manipulated for political advantage, not just the Democrats, the Rhinos, the ones that really haven’t picked a place to stand, the ones that are not willing to pick a hill and die on that hill to protect American rights.

I do not ask for special treatment, I asked for equal treatment. I watched the summer of block parties, including Manassas, Virginia walking right down Main Street. We did not do what Antifa and BLM did on the outside of the building. I don’t know what happened on the inside, because guess what? Me and a million of my closest friends did not make it inside. It was not our intent to go inside. We made no effort to go inside. We were there to make our voices heard. And I will tell you, if I need to, I will go back. And the next time, I will bring tar, feathers, and my pitchfork because apparently, these people are not listening to us still. I did not insist that the election go my way. I insist that I have faith and confidence in the results of the election.

This is not a partisan issue. This is a democracy, freedom, and liberty issue. I am right of center. I admit that openly, publicly, I’ve been that way for decades. When Bill Clinton got elected, the first time I knew I would get another chance. When Barack Obama got elected the first time, I knew I would get another chance, even the second time I knew I would get another chance.

Based on the confusion, the lack of confidence, the highly questionable behavior in multiple jurisdictions across this country, at this very moment I do not have that level of permanence that my next vote will have any relevance. That is an unacceptable condition within a democratic republic. That is an unacceptable condition. It is your job as Congress, it is your job as government, it is your job to ensure that I have that competence so that I can participate as a citizen peacefully and patriotically. You take those options away from me at your own peril. None of us wants it to go to the next level.

It is incumbent on you to solve this, not me. You do not want me to solve this. That was January 6th in my experience.