"I view Washington's third congressional district, my home, as critical terrain that we must hold."

The third congressional district Washington state is in a very interesting spot. It is the only red Republican district that touches the Pacific ocean. Our district is sandwiched between these activist’s leftist cities, and we are a stronghold for conservative traditional values. Jamie Beutler was very comfortable in her seat because she knew that we didn’t want to get rid of a Republican. We didn’t want to make it vulnerable. As long as we had an incumbent, the logic was that we had to keep her there. The problem is she got too comfortable. She stopped coming back out to the district. She stopped listening to people, especially in our rural and underserved communities. Then she fell to the beltway narrative and went against the one president that we’ve had in my lifetime that actually wanted to restore the voice of the American people back to Washington, DC. She stabbed him in the back and she stabbed everyone who voted for him in our district in the back. Our district went overwhelmingly for President Trump. Again, that’s inspired me to do what I’m doing and run for Congress to get her out.

I think so many people showed up on January 6th to the nation’s Capitol, both in front of the White House and then in front of the U.S. Congress to make their voices heard. They felt that for over the past month and a half, there had been no action taken to address the widespread irregularities and discrepancies with ballot level issues, so erroneous ballots being cast despite a mountain of evidence about a national change of address database, dead people voting, people switching their address the last minute, and then verification voter ID issues. There were un-requested ballots sent out to millions of Americans at the last minute. Not to mention election night and we all saw the count stop, and then resume. When the count stopped, Trump was up. When it resumed, Biden came into office, or Biden was deemed to be the winner by the media, I think is the best way to put that. We were supposed to just accept that Biden was now the president.

Multiple things were supposed to happen to adjudicate that that just failed to happen in the month and a half leading up to January 6th. I think by the time the sixth rolled around when the actual electors are supposed to be slated, there were millions of Americans who were furious and wanted to have their voices heard to let our lawmakers and our elected leaders know that we are not happy and we did not accept what was going on.

That’s not just a blind, we don’t accept the results of the election because our guy didn’t win, it was, hey, we elected you the leaders of our country and our justice system to do a job, to actually make sure that we can have fair and free elections and go through all the different checks and balances and not just shirk that duty because it might be scary and the results might reveal widespread corruption that might lead to unrest. I think people wanted their voices to be heard on that day.

I was listening to President Trump’s speech and at the same time, I was multitasking, checking Twitter, and a couple of independent journalists put out that there were confrontations going on with the security at the Capitol and that the Capital had been breached. Then I flipped over to MSNBC which refused to cover Trump’s speech itself, so they immediately had live footage of the folks that were penetrating the barriers. That was going on at the same time that President Trump was speaking!

I think if you were able to objectively look at the events as they happened, and you had multiple ways of checking with different media outlets, you realize that the speech was happening at one time and the individual actions at the Capitol were happening at the same time. Trump giving his speech, which was actually almost a geeky speech could because he was talking about ballot-level fraud, nothing very sexy. He was talking about the discrepancies. He was talking about The Constitution, in his view, that Mike Pence could, as the vice-president and the president of the Senate stop certification from happening. That’s what he was discussing in that speech at the same time the breach was going on. To me, immediately, I didn’t think that in any way, shape, or form the president and his message inspired the people that were breaching the Congress.

The leadership of our country for six, seven months prior to January six, incentivized, tolerated, and in many cases encouraged widespread political violence. Going back to the George Floyd incident, multiple cities saw widespread writing that the Democrat leadership knew it was an election year and they clearly did nothing but egg it on and allow it to happen.

Now that the sham impeachment is over and President Trump has been exonerated, I think it’s very clear what needs to happen now. The conservative movement, the America First movement needs to coalesce. It needs to rally at the grassroots to remind the establishment, especially the 10 Republicans who voted for impeachment and all the other Republicans who are wishy-washy on impeachment and succumb to the narrative of the push by the media, we need to go after them. We need to primary them. We need to let them know that the grassroots, the America First movement is taking over the Republican party. That means getting off the bench. Most of us have relied on establishment politicians and the status quo for far too long, and it’s gotten us into this position that we’re in right now. President Trump fought and he fought like hell, but he was only one man.

We need to get active. We need to organize. We need to coalesce behind good solid candidates. Not everybody has to run for office, but you can get involved within your own party. You can become a precinct chair. You can knock on doors and campaign. We really need to get behind strong America First candidates and let the establishment know who they work for, that they work for the American people, and we have a voice and we’re going to get organized.

I live in the third congressional district in Washington state. My representative is Jamie Herrera Beutler, a RINO Republican, who, as opposed to rationally looking at the events of January six and realizing the facts on the ground, that president Trump did not order rioters to attack the nation’s Capitol, she chose to succumb to the narrative of the media and seek her five minutes of fame and vote for impeachment. Then she attempted to become the star witness based on secondhand information that didn’t ever end up going anywhere. Because of those actions, I decided to get involved in politics. Jamie inspired me, so I’m throwing my name in the hat to primary her. I’m running as America First Republican in Washington state’s third congressional district to bring our voices back and to make the third heard again.

I view Washington’s third congressional district, my home, as critical terrain that we must hold. We are surrounded by an enemy that wants to take us over from the North and the South. We have to organize, I have to organize everyone in our community to be aware of what’s going on and to be aware that this moment in history is our time to act. If we don’t, if we don’t hold this critical terrain, we’ll never get it back.

If not when but now, if not who but me. Send me.