"Now they see a country where the Capitol has a fence around it with razor wire and troops"

We saw the President under constant attack. It was one impeachment after another. It was one investigation after another. It was just a continual attack to where we… They created a gridlock on our side. I think America saw that to a point that where it’s never been at that level before. It ended up with the President being de-platformed.

Nobody can have free speech unless they agree with you. That’s where we’ve got to. People, ordinary housewives were told they can’t have a Facebook page for a week because they said something that they didn’t agree with. Or Twitter locked them down because they said something that somebody on Twitter didn’t agree with. That’s what got us to where we are.

Then when we get to the election, we know that there were ballots going out in certain states like Colorado. We got phone calls from people that had 10 ballots coming to a house of two people, and they couldn’t turn them off. The process to turn the ballot machine off was much bigger. So I think there must be a system there that they don’t scrub the names, and they just mail as many ballots as they can. I think that creates a system where people could, and probably did wrongdoing. I think people see that. People saw that repeatedly, and they’re just fed up.

Now they see a country where the Capitol has a fence around it with razor wire and troops. I think what should happen is the state should bring their troops home. I just cannot believe that we have taken the People’s House and turned it into a Venezuelan fortress.

The only thing I know to take it back is people are going to have to run for office. People are going to have to run serious races. No more Mr. Nice Guy. We see very, very nice people, well-intentioned people run for office that generally loses against establishment candidates. The Establishment raises a lot of money. Right now, we see in my state where we have establishment billboards up defending Liz Cheney, someone who was against President Trump. It looks like she has a hatred for President Trump that she’s not going to give up.

Obviously, I’m running against her. I’ve won races before where the establishment was against me. I’m tired of seeing people lose at these upper-level races. I’ve won it at the junior leagues, and I’m going to take that fight to the major leagues and fight and win.