We The Patriots Film is the telling of a story still unraveling. Add up the last four years and you know why a film like this needs to happen: Hilary’s cat-and-mouse games, the Steele Dossier, the three stooges – Brennan, Comey, Mueller – barreling in, a perfect call to Ukraine, the impeachment hoax, the pandemic, Antifa, BLM, Biden, Kamala, circles, circles, and more circles, Trump, Pence, thousands and thousands at rallies and rallies, and more rallies, mail-in voting, election sleight-of-hand, propagandized media, muted courts, congressional cowardice, a militarized Capitol, Stalinist censorship by Big Tech, suppression, suppression, suppression…absentia-of-the-mind impeachment… again. And it’s not over yet.